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Folk / Rock (FR)

Singer-songwriter and guitarist from Limoges, Greg Novan doesn't care about genres just as much as he loves music. Navigating between folk, rock and often psychedelic music, his compositions are heavily influenced by Grateful Dead, Jonathan Wilson and Pink Floyd, which shows through enigmatic lyrics, tasty guitar licks and charming melodies.


It was in October 2019 that he released his first single, "Marianne". Sweet folk reverie, the song overflows with a haunting charm. It was followed by the elegant "She Owns My Mind" in the spring of 2020, then a three-track live session recorded at the Studios des Cabiraux near Bordeaux.

The last track Novan released, "Finally Feel" is inspired by Nick Drake and Bon Iver. Recorded last December, it combines hope and melancholy with strength and intelligence.


"I'm happy to finally be able to share this track that I wrote only a few months ago," he declared. "If I had kept it to myself for too long, it would have certainly lost its authenticity. And I think the minimalism of the video clip captures the sincerity of what I'm saying. In fact, it only took three takes to film everything!"


He is now devoting himself to the recording of his first EP, surrounded by seasoned musicians, brimming with energy, experienced on stage and fine connoisseurs of British progressive rock. Its release date is set for September 2021!



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