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Although she was born and raised in Paris, Bobbie is nonetheless the most American of all the French singers ! Inspired by Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton, this self-taught guitarist takes her 1947 Martin along an Americana wavering between grandiosity and nostalgia. Sometimes called alt-country, it's the ultimate American musical genre, devoid of cliché and full of honesty.


Affected by the death of her father when she was but a child, Bobbie earned her spurs of music lover knee-deep in his vinyl collection of blues and jazz classics. She also dedicated him her first song, "By My Side".


Thanks to her timeless voice, Bobbie was quickly noticed by high-flying composers and took part in the recording of several film soundtracks. She collaborated with Michael Stevens (Gran Torino, Invictus, Mystic River) on La Variabile umana in 2013, before being chosen James Newton Howard (Batman Begins, Le Sixième sens) to sing an excerpt of the soundtrack of Hunger Games 3 on the stage of la Salle Pleyel in 2017. Two years later, she co-wrote two songs with Mathieu Lamboley (Minuscule, Le Retour du Héros, Libre et assoupi) for Caroline Fourest's first feature film, Sœurs d’armes.


But it's only in the spring of 2019 that the young woman recorded her first EP, An Elegy For, accompanied by Lou Doillon's and Étienne Daho's musicians, and produced by a renowned sound engineer, Sébastien Gohier (Louis Chédid, -M-, Michel Legrand). Deep dive in the privacy of a heart, it dwelled upon hindered love and everlasting hope with a lot of emotion and a touching troubling truth.



It was after it came out that Bobbie was noticed by Kenyan singer-songwriter and musician J.S. Ondara, who asked her to open for him during his 2019 French tour.


She took advantage of the pandemic to write a number of songs, and released a new single, "Lost Arcadia", at the beginning of 2021. Elegant, full of go, it asserts her country woman soul and marks the start of a series of releases throughout 2021, and a new EP expected in 2022.


And now the adventure continues with "Solace", a single that tells the story of a hope that's been shut away. Some happy melancholy hidden in a romantic disappointment. "A lot of songs talk about love, but they rarely deal with timing. But we're not all ready to meet at the same time… sometimes life decides otherwise," says Bobbie. And its self-produced dreamlike video clip perfectly illustrates the confession of a voice hoping to find its match.

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