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Folk (FR)

Jeff Mailfert is both a gentle dreamer and a sensitive singer-songwriter. He composes to the rhythm of a timely folk music, on the snowy or dusty roads that he navigates behind the wheel of his iconic orange van. His bewitching lyrics are inspired by his numerous travels, and shed a new light on our deepest emotions. With his guitar on his back and a feathered hat on his head, he wanders the world, following his desires and sharing his music with an audience that has grown with him.


So it's no surprise that he started touring France shortly after the release of his first EP "Let Me Travel" in 2016! And the public was immediately conquered. A year later, the launch of the duo MORGANE & JEFF propelled the young musician into the light. It allowed him to gain a solid stage experience and build a devoted fanbase: in 4 years, he played more than 200 concerts during 3 tours of France and one tour of Asia (between Burma, Cambodia and Thailand). He also took part in several festivals, including Les Galettes du Monde, where he played with a full band in front of thousands of people, and opened for the iconic group of the 90s: LES INNOCENTS.


After the release of their first EP (and two singles that now have more than 70,000 streams), Jeff decided to focus on his solo career and more intimate compositions. He took advantage of the lockdown to work on a new EP, and surrounded himself with gifted musicians like Glenn Arzel on traditional instruments, or Mathyas Vj on strings. Being as sincere and authentic as can be, he returned to the source of the music that have always made him vibrate. As the banjo and the mandolin mix with some electric guitars, a cello delivers touching and sensitive melodies.

His next single, "TRECOLPAS", will be released in September and will be featured on the soundtrack of the documentary "Les nouveaux nomades" directed by LES COFLOCS. As for the release of his EP it is scheduled for the end of 2021, and a second EP is already in the works for next year! Although Jeff will still be playing his acoustic guitar, he will explore more electro and hip-hop sounds this time, to modernize his folk. One more reason - if any were needed! - to keep an eye on this promising young artist and his music!

Jeff is also in charge of FOLK & FRIENDS. It was born two years ago after a roadtrip, and started off as a collaborative playlist, before turning into showcases that took place at the El Alamein. They were sold out every night, but the pandemic forced Jeff and his teammates to close shop until further notice.


The release of a collaborative five tracks EP recorded during the second lockdown is still planned, as well as the release of the VALLEY SESSIONS on all the social networks of the collective. And in the near future, Folk & Friends will get even bigger, and become a collaborative label, to carry the colors of folk ever higher.


Jeff also co-moderates the Instagram page OUR VINTAGE LIVES with hand poke tattoo artist Maya. This life-long project showcases the lives of the two artists as they drive a combi named Tikki, and are accompanied by a Australian shepherd dog name Mickey, through lively photographs aesthetically as neat and radiant as their work.

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